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Where to Leave a Dog While on Vacation

Where to Leave a Dog While on Vacation

Before going away, one of the biggest decisions for dog owners is what to do with their dogs. Here, there are five options from our Redmond vets on where to board your pet while you’re away.

Pet Care While on Vacation 

If you have a dog you'll have to consider who is going to take care of them while you're on vacation! Always plan ahead so when it comes time to leave you're not faced with the added stress of having to find reliable care. 

Here are 5 options for what to do with your dog when you travel: 

1. Use a Professional Pet Sitter 

This can be a good option because it allows your dog to stay in the comfort of their own home and may alleviate any anxiety your dog might feel while you're on vacation. Decide whether you want the pet sitter to come by a few times a day or stay in your house for the duration of your vacation and then begin your research! 

Talk to family and friends to see if they have any recommendations and be sure to check the online reviews if you're using a company that has a website! Another good idea is to have the pet sitter come for a pre-introduction to get a feel for them and make sure your dog will get along with them. 

2. Try a Neighborhood Pet Swap 

Do you have neighbors with pets that your dog gets along with? If so, you might try suggesting a neighborhood pet swap! This means they will take care of your pup while you're away and if they want to go on vacation, you will take care of theirs! This can be a convenient way to provide reliable care from a trusted person who is nearby. 

3. Traditional Boarding

In many cases, traditional boarding services are the way to go. Whether you're boarding at a veterinary clinic or pet hotel, using a professional boarding facility means you can be sure your dog will have everything they need while you're away. Many boarding services offer various levels of care from standard to luxury pampering for your pup. 

If your pet has medical concerns, a boarding facility at a veterinary clinic such as can help ensure your dog has the extra level of care they need and has all their medications properly administered.

Another benefit to boarding services is they can often provide other services, such as grooming or medical examinations while your dog is there! 

Before selecting a facility be sure to tour it to check for cleanliness and if possible, have your dog do a day or half-day stay before your vacation. This allows you to see whether or not its a good fit and can get your dog familiar with the space. 

4. Friends and Family

A tried and true option for dog care while you're away is to leave them with a friend or family member or have that person stay at your house. If your dog is familiar with this person it can also add an extra level of comfort fo them. 

5. Bring Them With You 

While this isn't always possible, many vacations are pet friendly! If you're going to the cottage or camping, consider bringing your pup along. Chances are they'll have a great time and it saves you from having to deal with the stress of leaving them behind! 

If you're staying at a hotel or other vacation rental, be sure to check their policies before booking to select one that is pet friendly. 

Boarding Your Dog at Cinder Rock Veterinary Clinic

We offer high-quality overnight boarding and daycare services for cats and dogs in Redmond. We can provide your furry friend with a home away from home while you are away. Some of the services we offer include medical boarding, temperature-controlled kennels, a separate boarding area for cats and dogs, playtime with staff, daily walks, and more!

If you're interested in seeing our boarding facility or booking a stay for your pet please contact our Redmond vet team today!

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